Haywood Community College (HCC) believes in shared leadership. As such, often when critical decisions are to be made, representatives and/or focus groups from impacted areas of the college are asked to provide input relevant to the decisions at hand. These groups may also include community residents, when appropriate. The college vision, core values, and college-wide goals are a result of this process.


The Board of Trustees are the primary governing body of the institution and consists of twelve appointed Board members and the current Student Government Association president. Four Trustees are each appointed by the Governor’s Office, the Haywood County Commissioners, and by the Haywood County School Board. The SGA president is elected by the HCC student body.


The President is hired by the Board of Trustees following the Presidential Selection Process outlined in the State Board of Community College Code (1C SBCCC 300.1). The President serves as the Chief Executive Office of HCC, reports directly to the HCC Board of Trustees, and is "charged by the Board with full responsibility and authority for the College's operation pursuant to state and federal statutes, [HCC] policies, rules, and regulations" (HCC Policy 3.1.10).


The President engages a number of committees to fulfill the College’s mission, Strategic Plan, and policy administration within educational, administrative, and fiscal functions of the institution. HCC’s institutional committees include:


Executive Team – the President and all Vice Presidents of HCC

Institutional Excellence Committee - the full Strategic Planning Committee

Administrative Council  - the committee responsible for addressing administrative reviews and for reporting on strategic goals as they relate to the administrative functions of the college

Student Success Council - the committee responsible for addressing student-focused areas of the institution and for reporting on strategic goals as they relate to students


The College also seeks input from and works closely with the Employee Senate and the Student Government Association. Through all these committees, the planning and decision making responsibility is shared by those most affected by the decisions.



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