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Continuing Education Classes

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A photography of a jewelry studio

Advanced Metalsmithing

Continue your jewelry making journey as you take your metal smithing skills to the next level. The basic skills you’ve acquired are just the starting place. In this class you will refine your sawing, soldering and other skills as you see your design...

A form of printmaking is being done by using a lenoleum cut pad and black ink on white paper..

The Gift of Giving: Handmade Greeting Card & Tag Making

In this course, we will create greeting cards and gift tags to pair with gifts for your loved ones. We will create a new collection of cards and tags each week! This course introduces the endless possibilities of designing and producing handmade...

Detail image of hands using a jewelry tool to bend metal.

Jewelers Open Studio-Level 2 Metalsmithing

Have you taken some classes and just need a place to work with access to tools? Enjoy access to our well equipped studio with the guidance of Instructor Amy Pike. Amy is a graduate of HCCs Professional Crafts Metals program and an instructor...

A woman is measuring a cheeta print to fit the back of her jean jacket, to create a rock look for the wild soul.

ReMake, ReUse, ReConstruct

Have clothes that are no longer wearable but love the pattern or fabric? Want to explore garment deconstruction and reconstruction? We will experiment with remaking unused garments into useful accessories, combining clothes to make new garments...

A detailed image of a quilt having wool sewn in shapes of animals into the fabric. The animals include a bear, sheep, bird, and other local Appalachain creatures.

Wool Applique and Embroidery

Slow-Sew. Wool applique and embroidery are soothing, portable and affordable. Blocks work up quickly. Students will explore working with and felting wool and discovering threads and multiple hand embroidery stitches. Three block patterns will...

A man fishing for salmon, casting his fly rod into a lake in a natural setting.

Fly Rod Making

Build or restore your own fly rod. The course reviews the methodology of rod building will consist of techniques that are well over 100 years old. All materials will be provided but students are welcome to bring a rod for evaluation and restoration.

A macro shot of orange, blue, and white paint currenlty in a blending process with a feathered brush.

Oil Painting for Beginners

Have you always wanted to try oil painting but just were not sure where to begin? This class is for you! Each class we will cover skills that will help you learn the magic of oil painting. We will discuss the tools used and how to care for and clean...

A closeup of a homemade bar of cream coloredsoap.

Soap Making for Beginners

This fun 1 ½ day workshop is for the beginner or the experienced soap-maker. We will cover the basic chemistry behind the soap making process, tools/materials needed, important safety rules, and all the steps to make handmade, cold-process soap....

Man in jacket and hat looking through binoculars in a forest

Wilderness Survival

Confidence in the wilderness is what this course is all about. Hikers, backpackers, hunters, foragers and outdoor enthusiasts will all learn beginner to advanced survival and bushcraft skills.

A mountain landscape scene with blue mountains and a green field. An owl is perched on a tree with a full moon lighting the scene.

Appalachian Ghost Story Trading Cards

Prepare yourself to make some hauntingly delightful prints of local ghost stories! In the class we will learn the basics of relief printmaking by using ghost stories as our subject matter. Each student will select an Appalachian ghost story to depict...