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Continuing Education Classes

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A close up of a small vase being wheel thrown with two hands on a potters wheel.

Clay. Throwing and Sculpting Pottery

Have you ever wanted to throw pottery on the wheel? In this course Cory Plott will gladly reveal techniques to help you understand the process of pottery. The first few weeks will cover a combination of throwing and sculpting techniques, followed...

HCC Instructor Bill Weinert's box creation using two colors of wood.

Woodworking for beginners: Keepsake box

This course will guide students through the construction of a Keepsake box of their own design, using basic woodworking tools that are easily accessible. No prior woodworking experience is necessary. Student will be responsible for purchasing their...

A close up of the printing process with black ink on white paper.

Create Holiday Printed Cards and Wrapping Paper

In this one-day class students will create holiday-themed wrapping paper and greeting cards for gift-giving during the holiday season! Students will have knowledge in basic stamp and printmaking upon completion of this class as well as completed...

A young woodworker in a studio who is building a table or chair.

Woodworking for beginners: Simple Chair

This course will build on skills students have learned in the previous two classes and each student will design their own simple chair which they will construct using basic woodworking tools that are easily accessible. No prior woodworking experience...

A detailed image of a quilt having wool sewn in shapes of animals into the fabric. The animals include a bear, sheep, bird, and other local Appalachain creatures.

Wool Applique and Embroidery

Slow-Sew. Wool applique and embroidery are soothing, portable and affordable. Blocks work up quickly. Students will explore working with and felting wool and discovering threads and multiple hand embroidery stitches. Three block patterns will...

An open book with blank pages, awaiting to be written in.

Advanced Fiction

Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop provides the space for a writer to write. Students will take their writing to the next level, submitting their work for close-reading and review by their peers and the instructor. Instructor: Andrew Peterson

A woman is measuring a cheeta print to fit the back of her jean jacket, to create a rock look for the wild soul.

ReMake, ReUse, ReConstruct

Have clothes that are no longer wearable but love the pattern or fabric? Want to explore garment deconstruction and reconstruction? We will experiment with remaking unused garments into useful accessories, combining clothes to make new garments...

A vintage sign of the word

The Art & Language of Film

This class will examine the development of cinematic language over the decades by focusing on one film a week, each from a different time period & spotlighting a different approach to the challenges of telling a unique story through the medium of...

A landscape picture made with pieces of fabric. Landscape is of a mountain view.

Loose Landscape

This is a hand stitch fiber class that explores design elements and creative stitching. Bring in a favorite landscape picture and play with fabric and stitches to create a piece worthy of framing. We'll isolate a portion of the picture with good...

Woman weaving a blue and black scarf using a floor loom.

Beginning Weaving 101: Floor Loom

In this six week course we will learn every step of beginning weaving on a floor loom including designing a warp with multiple colors, dressing the loom back to front, and exploring weaving in both plain weave and twill structures. You will learn...