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A Neater Coiled Basket

Detail of a red coiled bowl made with fiber.

Instructor: Denise Seay

Location: Oak Building, Upstairs Tuition: $98.00

Coiled basketry can be produced by hand or machine.  They can be left raw or covered with fabric. Students will learn methods to produce coiled baskets, coasters and even purses and vases.  Students will learn to coil cord and stitch by hand and machine, best materials to use and where to purchase materials.  In this 4-week course, students should produce 3 projects.  Lots of tips and tricks aid in production.  Good for any skill level. Instructor: Denise Seay

Course Code                                   Date                       Time

CSP 4000 24753: 39368             8/16 – 9/6              Tues, 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Registration Deadline: 8/9/22

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