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Short Story

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We apologize as this course has been cancelled and we will offer it again in the Spring of 2023

Short Story Workshop

Instructor: Alexandra Kesick


Tuition: 147.00

This short story workshop is for all levels of writers and helps emphasize new ways to approach writing and creativity. The course is reading and writing intensive. It includes participating in weekly writing exercises, reading short stories, and discussing elements of craft. We will workshop short stories in a traditional workshop setting while providing constructive criticism to your peers. You will learn and use the elements of craft to ask insightful questions about works in progress and learn about your own work. The goal is to help you become a better reader, writer, and improve the way you approach and revise your fiction beyond the classroom. In this course, each student will workshop two fiction stories. The story can be a previously written work, but you must be prepared to present the piece to the class in a workshop setting. Instructor: Alexander Kesick

We apologize as the course has been cancelled. Please do check back in the Spring for Alexandra Kesick's next upcoming course! In the mean time please do visit Andrew Peterson's courses for consideration:


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