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ABS Introduction to Bladesmithing

American Bladesmithing Society LogoThis class is for beginning knifemakers, students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques needed to make a knife. Students are taught metal selection; blade function and different blade design will be discussed. Hand forging to shape, normalizing, heat treating, grinding and tempering will all be taught. These semi-finished blades will be tested for their cutting ability, edge holding, hardness and flexibility. Students should be able to make a blade which will pass the equivalent of a Journeyman Smith Performance Test. Successful completion of this course will reduce the required three (3) year waiting period as an ABS Journeyman Smith judging in two years. This is a two-week long class and will be taught by an ABS Certified Master Bladesmith.


Cost: $1,381.25

Location: 3300 building, room 3327 & 3337

Course Code               Date                             Time

CSP 4000 24698           7/25 – 8/5                   Monday – Friday. 8a – 5p

Registration Deadline: 7/1/22

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