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Paint, Stamp, & Stencil

Hand spraying stencils for a large scale and intricate design.Instructor: Lauren Medford

Location: Sycamore Bdg, RM 7306  Tuition: 102.00

Create a new piece each week! This course introduces the endless possibilities of designing and producing printed surface designs, patterns. Students will learn basic painting, printmaking techniques and processes such as free flow, stencil painting, and stamp-making. Upon completion, students will be able to produce painted and printed surface design utilizing various processes. Emphasis is placed on processes that do not require a printing press. No printmaking experience is required! 


Students are responsible for materials and materials cost start at $89.00. Materials may be less or more and price is dependent upon students chosen vendor.



Course Code                                   Date               Time

CSP 4000 24774: 39423             9/8-10/6        Thursday 5-7:30pm

Registration Deadline: 9/1/22

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Course Code                                   Date                Time

CSP 4000 24776: 39425             11/3-12/8       Thursday 2-4:30pm

Registration Deadline: 10/27/22

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