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Loose Landscape

A landscape picture made with pieces of fabric. Landscape is of a mountain view.


Instructor: Denise Seay

Location: Oak Building, Upstairs Tuition: $90.00

This is a hand stitch fiber class that explores design elements and creative stitching.  Bring in a favorite landscape picture and play with fabric and stitches to create a piece worthy of framing.  We'll isolate a portion of the picture with good composition and translate the design onto a fabric background.  Then we'll add trims and stitches to enhance. Good class to practice design.  Very playful; experimental and good for beginners or advanced stitchers. Instructor: Denise Seay



Course Code                                 Date                     Time

CSP 4000 24792: 39445             10/1 – 10/22          Saturday, 10am – 1pm

Registration Deadline: 9/24/22

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