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Creative Sculpture from Nature

A wood sculpture made from branches and twigs to make the 3-d shape of an eagle.Creative Sculpture from Nature

Instructor: James Stilwell

Location: Sycamore Building, 7105 Tuition: $100.00

Create 3D and relief sculpture from ordinary items foraged from nature.

Free your creative side by reawaking and deepening your innate connection to the natural world. Your crafted art could be anything from abstract to realistic as you are only limited by your imagination. You will be guided through the creative crafting process from concept to completion. There will also be tips on finding your raw materials and tuning into nature. Instructor: Jim Stilwell



Course Code                                   Date                        Time

CSP 4000 24791: 39444             10/14-11/18           Fridays, 1pm-3pm

No class on 11/11/22

Registration Deadline: 10/7/22


Course Code                                   Date                        Time

CSP 4000 24816                   1/20/23-2/17/23            Fridays, 1pm-3pm

Registration Deadline: 1/13/23


Course Code                                   Date                        Time

CSP 4000 24818                   3/24/23-4/21/23            Fridays, 1pm-3pm

No class on 11/11/22

Registration Deadline: 3/17/23 

How to Register by Email:

1. Download Creative Arts Registration Form (Form must be fully completed to be accepted)

2. Email completed form to  

3. If you are registering through email please await a Successful Confirmation Registration Email.
This service is only available to those that register by email. 

How to Register in Person:

Please visit Student Services Department on the top floor of the Hemlock Building at
185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721.