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Haywood Community College’s Cosmetic Arts programs are part of Pivot Point International, a world leader in education. Our Instructors are Pivot Point graduates, and very knowledgeable. It is our goal, to create opportunities for students to improve their lives through education.

Education changes everything!

 Hairstylists/Cosmetologists are ranked as one of the best career choices based on job satisfaction, advanced training, prestige, job market outlook, and pay. Furthermore, education is one of the most important elements on a resume for cosmetologists. At Haywood Community College, the Cosmetic Arts programs foster the creative talents of students as passionate designers. The instructors teach the students to trust their instincts while challenging their professional ambitions. Graduates of these programs finish with a combination of technical skills and training for the real world.

The curriculum consists of theory and clinical experiences along with related classes to enhance and meet professional standards. More than just abstract theory, it shows the practical application of ideas so students complete the system, salon ready. Students in the Cosmetic Arts programs gain hands-on experience working on community clients in a simulated salon environment. Under instructor supervision, students perform a wide array of services at a reduced rate. Please see our clinic page for prices.