Academic counseling is one of the most important services you will receive in college. Success Coaches are available to assist students with concerns that arise while attending HCC.  The College offers seminars in cooperation with Learning Support Services on study skills, test taking skills, test anxiety, and stress reduction.  We offer the following individual or group seminars.

Seminars on Demand

Let us provide a seminar for your club, a group with which you are affiliated, friends, or just yourself. Choose from our list of seminars and topics, or we may be able to create one according your specific needs. Request a seminar or schedule an appointment with an Academic & Career Counselor to discuss ways to accomplish your educational goals.

  • What Students Need to Know to Enroll
  • How to Choose a Major in College
  • Discover Ways to Succeed in College
  • Feeling Overwhelmed with College
  • College Transfer Application Process
  • Learn Ways to Set Goals
  • How to Prepare for Exams
  • Manage Test Anxiety
  • College Transfer Day (TBA)
  • Need Help Transferring to a Four Year College or University


Student Services
Phone: 828.627.4500
Fax: 828.627.4513

Seminars and Tips

Seminars are open to current and prospective students, or the general public.  Groups are welcome! Reservations are not required. Questions please call (828) 627-4500 or email



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