Career Planning FAQ


What Is Career Planning and How Do I Get Started?

An Academic & Career counselor provides FREE assessments and counseling to assist current and prospective students in evaluating their skills, interest, abilities, values, and personality. Career resources are also available online to assist individuals with specific careers, career goals, training opportunities,  and labor market information. Appointments may be scheduled for individual assistance with career assessments by calling (828) 627-4500  or email or drop-in throughout the day or two evenings per week. Drop-ins are encouraged to call (828) 627-4500 prior to visiting the office to ensure that a counselor will be available. Classroom presentations are also available by calling (828) 627-4500.

What Career Planning Assessments Are Available?

The FOCUS 2 is an online self-guided, interactive career and educational planning tool.  In addition, we offer Assessment inventories such as  Richard Knowdell Card Sorts, Bridges, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Self-Directed Search, and Learning Styles to assist students in identifying interests, values, and personal characteristics.

What Is Involved In The Career Planning Assessments?

Appointments may be scheduled for individual assistance in career assessments by calling (828) 627-4500 or email . Counselors are available both by appointment or drop-in through out the day  or two evenings per week. Drop ins are encouraged. Prior to visiting the office, call (828) 627-4500  to ensure that a counselor will be available.  Career resources are available online to assist individuals with specific careers, training opportunities, career assessments, career counseling, and labor market information..

What is a Career Portfolio?

A career portfolio is a personalized reflection of you as a professional and tangible evidence of your accomplishments. It is a visual representation of a perons’s abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities, and a representation of your potential. Career Porfolios can be created via paper, electronic, or web-based.

Why Create a Career Portfolio?

Career Portfolios is your way of presenting yourself and your best work to prospective employers. Your Career Portfolio can be the single most important piece of preparing for your job search. A Career Portfolio can be used to fill the gaps lost in a resume and cover letter.

What are the Benefits of a Career Porfolio?

Career Portfolios provide employers with information that may not be included in your cover letter and resume; illustrate accomplishments for employers; shows an applicant’s organizational skills and attention to detail; helps employers remember topics discussed during an interview; and can be used to identify past work experience and current qualifications.

What Information Should be Included in a Career Portfolio?

Career Portfolios should be portable, concise, neat, and an honest reflection of you.  Information to include in your Career Portfolio: Table of Contents, Introduction , Career Summary and Goals in 2-5 years, Professional Philosophy/Mission Statement, Resume (traditional, functional, or combination), Cover Letter, Awards and Honors, Transcripts and/or Degrees, Licenses or Certificates, Evidence of Specific Skills (speaking, leadership, writing), Samples of Work (class projects, internships, co-op), Volunteering/Community Service, and Letters of Reference, and Evidence of Professional Affiliations.

How To Create a Paper Career Portfolio?

Information should be compiled in a three-ring binder with sheet protectors and tabs. Career Portfolios need to be updated on a regular basis.

How To Create an Electronic Career Portfolio?

Use Interactive multimedia to increase the range and type of materials; use of text, graphics, animations, sound and vidoes. Electronic Career Portfolios should be updated frequently and include updated work samples.

What If I Am Undecided about A Career or Program of Study?

Career planning assessments will help students clarify where they are in the career planning process and assist them toward identifying and achieving their education and career goals.

What Can I Do With A Major?

Programs of Study

What If I Need Online Career Counseling?

FOCUS 2 Career Assessment

How Do I Contact A Career Counselor to Set Up Online Career Counseling?

After completing the FOCUS 2, a career report can be printed. Individuals should schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to discuss his/her career report and ways to accomplish his/her career goals.

How Do I Contact a Faculty or Staff member?

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