The North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement Test (NC DAP) is a custom version of College Board’s ACCUPLACER. This test is used to place students into the appropriate English and/or math courses. If the scores place the student into developmental course work (courses numbered below 100), the student must complete the developmental course work before enrolling in college level English and/or math courses. There are two major components of the ACCUPLACER NC DAP – Reading/English and Math. Both components are administered on a computer.

The Reading/English portion of the test assesses a student’s achievement level in reading comprehension, revising/editing writing, and an essay. A composite score will place students into Developmental Reading & English (DRE) or curriculum English courses. There is a two hour time limit on the essay portion of this test.

Skills assessed on the math portion of the test include: operations with integers, fractions and decimals, proportions/ratios/rates/percentages, expressions, linear equations, graphs, equations of lines, polynomials, and quadratic application. There is no time limit on this portion of the test.

The ACCUPLACER NC DAP is offered Monday through Thursday at 9am and 3pm in Student Services. Applicants must make an appointment for the test and can do so by calling (828) 627-4607. There is no fee for test. Tutoring is available to prepare for the placement test in the Career and College Readiness Department. NC DAP review questions, as well as online Placement Test Preparation resources, are available in Learning Support Services. After testing, the student will meet with a member of the Student Services staff to discuss test results. Please refer to the table below for the ACCUPLACER NC DAP cut scores.




151+ on Reading & English NC DAP



7+ on all portions of Math NC DAP



Prerequisite Placement Testing for Biology and Chemistry

Students who wish to take BIO 163, BIO 168, or CHM 151 must take respective prerequisite placement test(s) or transfer these courses from other colleges with a grade of “C” or better.  Students must make appointments for prerequisite testing and may do so by calling 828.627.4607. 

If the scores place the student into developmental course work, the student must complete the developmental course work, BIO 094 and/or CHM 090, prior to enrolling in college levels courses.

Credits earned in developmental courses do not count toward the required number of semester hours for graduation. Accommodations for testing are available for students with disabilities. Contact the Disability Counselor at 828.627.4504 in advance if accommodations are required.

A practice Chemistry placement test is available in Moodle in the Student Orientation Course under the heading Placement Testing. 

Testing for Nursing Admissions * HESI

Haywood Community College requires the HESI Admission Assessment Exam as a part of the nursing admissions process. Interested students should speak to a member of the Student Services staff for more details.

A HESI Study Guide is available in the HCC Bookstore.


Laura Simmons, Placement Test Administrator
Phone: 828.627.4607

Haywood Community College is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.