When you see this symbol in someone’s office door or in his/her office, it means that the person is safe zone trained and is empathetic and informed about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) issues and is willing to provide support, information, and confidentiality. Haywood Community College is a participant in the Safe Zone program and seeks to create a climate of safety for all members of the college community.

Safe Zone Allies at Haywood Community College

Safe Zone Ally Title Email Address Telephone # Office

Kristen Herring Counselor kbherring@haywood.edu 828.627.4504 1532

Barbara Parker College President bmparker@haywood.edu 828.627.4515 108

Betsy McMahan Facilities Services Technician bmcmahan@haywood.edu 828.565.4005 2200

Bill Kinyon Director of Library and Learning Resources wrkinyon @haywood.edu 828.627.4551 251

Carla Woody Instructor-ABE/GED cwoody@haywood.edu 828.565.4188 373

Dawn Cusick Instructor-Biology dcusick@haywood.edu    

Debbie Rowland Academic & Career Counselor drowland@haywood.edu 828.627.4646 1531

Erica Vaughn Foundation Associate emvaughn@haywood.edu 828.627.4170 112

Glenn Grady Program Manager/Instrucotr of Medical Assisting ggrady@haywood.edu 828.627.4658 905

Greg McLamb HEC Liaison gmclamb@haywood.edu 828.627.4000 415

Haven Kennedy DOL Project Coordinator hchanford@haywood.edu 828.564.5135 3011

Heather Cyre Librarian hmcyre@haywood.edu 828.565.4083 250

Jennifer Herrera Director of Enrollment Management jherrera@haywood.edu 828.627.4507 1526

John Sherman Department Chair, Natural Resources jsherman@haywood.edu 828.627.4626 303

John Weatherford Instructor-Accounting jweatherford@haywood.edu 828.565.4024 236

Joshua Hilbert Work-Based Learning Coordinator jhilbert@haywood.edu 828.627.3613 1536

Karen Denney Vice President of Business Operations denney@haywood.edu > 828.627.4546 1540

Karen Scott Human Resources Department Assistant krscott2@haywood.edu 828.627.4616 103

Kari Rinn Director of Creative Arts krrinn@haywood.edu 828.565.4240 7104

Katherine Greysen Instructor - Communications krgreysen@haywood.edu    

Kerrie Mock Human Resources Specialist kmock@haywood.edu 828.627.4562 109

Kim Carver Learning Support Services Technician kkcarver@haywood.edu 828.565.4217 335A

Kimberly Morehouse Administrative Assistant kmmorehouse@haywood.edu 828.627.4502 1525A

Larry Davis Medical Assisting Instructor lkdavis2@haywood.edu 828.627.4658 905

Lori Farrell Accounts Payable lfarrell@haywood.edu 828.627.4604 1545

Lynn Jefferys Instructor-AHS & GED bljefferys@haywood.edu 828.627.4643 372

Marc Lehmann Instructional Technology Specialist mlhemann@haywood.edu 828.565.4025 227

Margaret Studenc Developmental Education Department Chair mstudenc@haywood.edu 828.627.4688 336

Marlowe Mager Coordinator of Research & Institutional Effectiveness mmager@haywood.edu 828.565.4077 241

Matt Heimburg Program Manager, English and Humanities mheimburg@haywood.edu 828.627.4579 329

Michael Youngwood Instructor-Nursing mayoungwood@haywood.edu 828.627.4694 923

Misty Greenarch Campus Safety Services mgreenarch@haywood.edu 828.627.4514 828.734.5410 1501

Ngaire Smith Librarian nsmith@haywood.edu 828.565.4550 227

Patricia Smith Dean of College & Career Readiness psmith@haywood.edu 828.627.4618 379

Renee Finsterwalder Financial Aid Specialist rafinsterwalder@haywood.edu 828.627.4568 1527

Ryn Hayes Instructor-English cbhayes@haywood.edu 828.627.4659 301

Sara Martin Instructor-Biology, Arts & Gen. Education smartin@haywood.edu 828.627.4681 343

Scott Bolick Cashier sbolick@haywood.edu 828.565.4161 1545

Sharon Childers Recruiter shchilders@haywood.edu 828.565.4094 1530

Stephanie Wampler Instructor-English swampler@haywood.edu 828.565.4209 209

Steve Wampler Instructor-Psychology sewampler@haywood.edu 828.624.3614 324

Steven Heulett Department Chair-Arts & General Education sheulett@haywood.edu 828.627.4575 325

Susan Roberts Instructor, Learning Support Services sroberts@haywood.edu 828.565.4218 339

Tina Lee Instructor-Math tlee@haywood.edu 828.627.4574 347

Tracy Rapp Director of Financial Aid tkrapp@haywood.edu 828.627.4509 1533

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Safe Zone Training TBA

HCC Safe Zone Training Manual


Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other applicable federal and state laws and regulations, the College prohibits discrimination in its services and programs based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sex, age, disability, genetic information and veteran status.