What do students say about HCC's online courses?*

I am taking this (and all my other courses) online as I travel a lot and it is impossible to have to be in a class during the day.

One good thing about online classes is it gives you a feel of more responsibility. In some ways that's good and in some that's bad. My worst concern... is getting stuck on something and having trouble getting a hold of [the teacher] for questions. So far though I'm very satisfied with how quick [the teacher is] getting back to me with my question.

I have had very good experiences with online courses. I take them because I have a very busy, random schedule. By taking courses online, I am able to work and do school work. Being able to do school work when I choose is the only way I would be able to take a full load each semester.

If it was not for online classes I would not be able to return to college. As I type it is 1:38am. Because of my work and family schedule it is very difficult to take a traditional course. I have found that with all on-line courses, the biggest obstacle is the temptation of putting assignments off. The feature I like about online courses is that you can work ahead. When I have extra time I try to get extra assignments completed in case something comes up.

This instructor was great and made a class that I was not really interested in having to take worth taking. I would be glad to have him again and he was a great instructor to have. I really enjoyed the discussions we had in this class.

I enjoyed taking this internet course and would like to take more online courses. I was able to study after the kids went to sleep and on weekends or after work. It was perfect for balancing work, home and school.

The instructor went more than out of his way to help me this semester. He is a great instructor and I thank him for all of his help. I would take another course from him; even though the subject isn't really my thing.

This instructor definitely has to be one of the best teachers that I have had in all my time. She is very organized and accepts advice in any way that students think would help run the class more manageable. She really knows what she's talking about when it comes to the subject. Throughout the course, she recorded her voice for online lectures and often included printable lecture notes. If I ever had a problem, she was always a helping e-mail or phone call away. Overall, I would definitely recommend this class to other students because she is an excellent teacher and it was an awesome class. Especially for it to be an online class, there were also fun hands on labs that could be completed at home. My knowledge really grew and I LOVED this class, it was both fun and challenging.

The teacher was an excellent instructor who is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I enjoyed the class immensely and found it to be stimulating and informative. The use of visual aids, factual stories (with names changed for anonymity), statistical and factual information, discussion boards, feedback provided on our progress, and quick answers to any questions were assets to this course. The instructor did an extremely wonderful job creating an enlightening and mind stimulating experience!

* Quotations above are unsolicited comments from students or comments provided during the anonymous end-of-semester course evaluation. Comments have been edited slightly to conceal the identity of students or faculty and to correct any spelling errors.