Through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and civic organizations,  there are many scholarships available to HCC students. These scholarships are established with gifts from donors to the HCC Foundation and are either endowed or annually funded. Criteria for awarding the scholarships are specified by the donors in conjunction with the college. Endowed scholarships are generated through the investment of permanently-held principals so that only the income from the principal is used for scholarship awards. This enables the scholarship to exist in perpetuity. Annually funded scholarships are those for which all funds are dispersed as scholarships rather than as long-term investments.

Scholarship Application Process

Apply Here

  • You are required  be accepted as an HCC student and assigned an HCC email before you can apply for scholarships. 
  • You are also required to have a current FAFSA on file in order to be eligible for scholarships.
    • You can complete your FAFSA here.

 For more information regarding the scoring of applications  please view the  Rubric used by the scholaship review committee.

HCC Cares​​

HCC Cares and recognizes the increased needs our students are facing  as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.  In response to this situation, additional resources have been identified to support the Lavender Fund.  

Students must apply in order to be considered for assistance.  The number of students served is subject to the availability of funds.  Completed applications may be forwarded to Tracy Rapp at

Other Scholarships Currently Offered:

The Lavender Fund for Student Emergencies

Through the generosity of individuals and organizations, the Haywood Community College Foundation has established the Lavender Fund to assist HCC students with emergency needs that are barriers to accomplishing their educational goals. 

Typical funding needs that students face when they request emergency funding assistance include the following: 

  • Transportation needs, including public transportation, gas
  • Child care
  • Heating and utility assistance
  • Housing
  • Food and hunger assistance

Please email the completed application to or call 828-627-4756.

North Carolina Finish Line Grant:

Outside scholarship opportunities:


For more information about scholarships or the scholarship application process, please contact the financial aid office at 828-627-4756.