HCC Foundation Annual Fund Drive

The mission of Haywood Community College – to provide accessible, affordable and high quality education, workforce training and lifelong learning – is achieved by focusing on individual student success.  Your gift to the Haywood Community College Foundation strengthens and advances the work and service of Haywood Community College.  Thanks to supporters like you, in academic year 2015-16, more than 98 scholarships were offered with almost 300 students awarded over $218,000. Scholarships are available for Curriculum, Workforce Continuing Education, High School Equivalency, and College & Career Readiness students

As your local Community College, we support traditional as well as non-traditional students who are changing their lives through education.  Recent high school graduates attend Haywood Community College to complete a degree program or to transfer to a university. Our non-traditional students tend to face challenges such as having families who depend on them, working while attending the College and job loss due to the recession.  Some of our students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid and need your gift to help them realize their goals and have a secure future.  

We ask that you please consider making a gift to Haywood Community College Foundation.   The brochure below provides details on three ways to give:

•    GIVE TO SUPPORT through scholarships, mini grants and student emergency funding
•    GIVE TO IMPROVE our facilities and update equipment, as well as an opportunity to be a part of
    building a state-of-the-art Public Services Training Facility for our emergency responders
•    GIVE TO CREATE to support programs and special projects for our students

Your gift will make a difference to Haywood Community College and is a sound investment in our students’ and our community’s future. 


Make a Donation

For more information on ways to give, please download the Annual Fund Drive brochure below.

For additional questions or to make a donation to the HCC Foundation, please contact Pam Hardin at 828.627.4544 or email  pahardin@haywood.edu.

To make a donation online, please click here.


Annual Fund Drive Brochure


HCC Foundation Give Card
PDF of the HCC Foundation Give Card.