Thank you to all of the individuals, community clubs, foundations, and businesses who supported Haywood Community College through donations to the Foundation. This is what your support allowed us to do in Academic Year 2016-17:

In academic year 2016-17, our students were awarded $340,695 in scholarships. Scholarships are available for Curriculum, Workforce Continuing Education, High School Equivalency, and College & Career Readiness students.
$25,626 provided in Mini-Grant funding supported nearly every student, program and department on campus.

Your discretionary gifts supported every student, program and department on campus with campus activities and various needs.

Family of Jordan Landt Webb Establishes Nursing Scholarship to Continue Her Service to Others

Before Jordan Landt Webb, Haywood Community College 2005 nursing graduate, lost her life to a drunken driver last May, she decided to devote herself to helping others through a selfless career. Now, her family is fulfilling her dream to serve others by establishing a scholarship at the College to assist Haywood County residents who want to enter the nursing field.

Through the Jordan Landt Webb Nursing Scholarship, Webb’s family found a way to keep her alive forever. “Now that this scholarship is established, her story will always be told,” explains her mom Gwen Landt. “She can continue to impact others. To help these students would be exactly what she wanted.”

Landt says that through this scholarship, Webb’s children can see that the family is not dwelling on the negative. 

But, Webb didn’t always want to be a nurse. She was set on becoming a teacher. After having her first child and spending some time in the hospital with him, she changed her mind. “As a result of the care those nurses provided for her and her son, she wanted to be able to help others in the same way. Being a nurse fulfilled her need to lose herself in the service of others.”

Webb spent her career working first at Harris Regional Hospital and most recently with Gentiva Home Health.     

Landt says without the amazing community support behind this scholarship, it wouldn’t have been possible. “Through this scholarship, we want to rally around the community that rallied around us. People can donate to this scholarship but those who want to enter the nursing field also can benefit from it.”

The Jordan Landt Webb Nursing Scholarship is in memory and honor of Webb. It is available to full-time second-year nursing students at HCC, with preference given to Haywood County residents and single parents.

For more information on this scholarship or how to donate, please call 828-627-4544 or email

Registration for fall semester begins June 4. For more information on registration or the nursing program, contact us at or 828-627-2821.

Haywood Resident Lynwood McElroy Leaves Generous Gift to Haywood Community College

For Haywood County resident Lynwood McElroy, education has always been a priority. McElroy has been a supporter of Haywood Community College for many years and even after his death, he remains a strong advocate for those who wish to achieve higher education. As part of his estate, McElroy left the College a gift of over $555,000 to ease the financial burden of those seeking a post high school degree. He died in May 2017.

“Mr. McElroy always had a special interest in education and in our community,” says HCC President Dr. Barbara Parker. “We are grateful for his most generous gift that will enable many students to access higher education for years to come.”

In 1990, McElroy established an endowment at HCC in honor of his wife, Mary Medford McElroy. A native of Haywood County from the Ironduff community, McElroy had degrees from Brevard College, Western Carolina University and Vanderbilt University.

McElroy served in the United States Navy, joining during World War II. He spent 10 years with the Naval Medical Research Unit #2 in the Pacific and 3 years in Korea. He worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Montana and North and South Dakota. He retired as chief financial offic

er for the St. John’s County Board of Education in Florida, then returned to Haywood County to spend his final years.   

McElroy also devoted countless hours to community organizations. He served on the Friends of the Library board of directors. He was a member of First United Methodist Church of Waynesville and was active in Rotary, Kiwanis, the American Legion and Red Cross. McElroy was instrumental in completion of the old Bald-Balsam Gap section of the Mountain-to-Sea Trail.   

Haywood Community College is grateful for the generous spirit of

McElroy and for the countless lives his gift will touch.

For more information on HCC’s Foundation or to make a gift, please email or call 828-627-4544.


Haywood Community College Receives Over $900,000 from John Marvin West Estate

Haywood Community College recently received over $900,000 from John Marvin West through a bequest from his estate. The Canton native died January 4, 2017. He retired with over 40 years of service with Estes Express Trucking Company and various other trucking companies. 

Education and helping those less fortunate were very important causes to both West and his late sister Grace Cooper. Before her death, West established a scholarship in her honor at HCC. The funds donated by West will be restricted to Haywood County students per his wishes.

According to special caregiver and family friend Leslie Smith, “Both Grace and JM were precious people. They wanted to help those who wanted to continue their education and make a positive change in their lives.”

For more information on HCC’s Foundation or how to make a donation, please email or call 828-627-4544.

Second Chance Scholarship

Haywood Community College’s Foundation has a new scholarship called the Second Chance Scholarship. Established by two local residents who wish to remain anonymous, the scholarship is open to students in any course of study taking a full or part-time load beginning spring semester. The donors decided to start the scholarship in hopes of helping a student who may not have done well in high school. “If someone has decided to turn their life around, we hope this scholarship can affect them in a positive way,” explains one of the donors. “Haywood Community College will give these students the skills they need to be competitive in today’s market. We believe community colleges are the jewel in the crown of education.”

For more information about giving to the HCC Foundation or what scholarship opportunities are available, please contact Pam Hardin at 828-627-4544 or

William “Bill” C. Harrell Memorial Endowment

The William “Bill” C. Harrell Memorial Endowment was established at Haywood Community College by Bill’s sister Cassie Harrell. Bill retired from the College after over 25 years of service as a math and natural resources instructor. He died in September 2016.

The endowment is for students in the associate in arts program with preference given to part-time students who are not eligible for federal or state aid.

According to Cassie, Bill recognized that math was important to the success of students and through his instruction, he wanted to ensure they had basic math skills. “Bill was very thorough and patient with his students. He took extra measure to help them. He really cared about them.”

For these reasons, Cassie wanted to honor her brother’s wishes by starting this endowment. 

Like many other community college students, Cassie returned to school as a middle-aged student. “I know what a struggle it is for those who have families and jobs to be able to pay for school. It is my hope that this endowment can help those who really want to improve their life.”

For more information about the William “Bill” C. Harrell Memorial Endowment or any of HCC’s other scholarships, please call 828-627-4544 or email

Donor Profile - Saralyn Price and Nancy & Terry Calloway

The Michael S. Price Memorial Scholarship was recently established through the Haywood Community College Foundation. Price’s wife, Saralyn Price, along with his mother Nancy Calloway and step-father Terry ‘Pop’ Calloway, decided the perfect way to honor Michael was to set aside funds for students who want to enter the field of law enforcement and take Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) classes at the College.

Michael Price’s history with HCC included the roles of both student and instructor. He taught in the BLET program and also attended classes for recertification annually.

According to Saralyn Price, “Mike was a very giving person. He always wanted to take care of people.” Through this scholarship, he will still be able to touch the lives of these students. 

Michael Price began his law enforcement career with the Hazelwood Police Department and Waynesville Police Department. He then contributed 25 years of service to the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, he met his wife through both of their careers in law enforcement.

“Starting this scholarship was a way to honor Michael,” says Nancy Calloway. “He had a passion for his life, his family, his job and his community. It is our hope that the recipients of this scholarship have the same passion and commitment.”

Large in stature, many found Price in his uniform intimidating. “People often commented that he was larger than life. He treated all people, whether they were good or bad, with great respect. I was proud of him not only for his career in law enforcement but also as a person with a great value system. Recipients of this scholarship are filling some big shoes.”

For more information on the Michael S. Price Memorial Scholarship or how to support the HCC Foundation, please call 828-627-4544, visit or email

Donor Profile - Drs. Frank and Doris Hammett

The Haywood Scholarship Trust Fund was established in 1997 by a donation of $10,000.00 by the Doctors Hammett and a matching sum by the Board of Directors of the Haywood Community College Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to guarantee a two-year post secondary education to the current graduates of Haywood County Public Schools who are unable to generate sufficient financial support to meet their education expenses from other sources. Award recipients should demonstrate academic ability by maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Dr. Frank Hammett and Dr. Doris Hammett had been involved with the Haywood County Public Schools beginning in 1958. Dr. Doris Hammett organized the first school readiness program in 1959 which was started at Clyde, Perry Plemmons, Principal. This program has progressed to universal kindergartens and widespread pre K programs. Dr. Doris was the coordinator for the three years of high school Science Seminar for gifted students, and Chairman of the Committee for Better Schools. Dr. Frank Hammett was president of Hazelwood Elementary School, Waynesville Middle School and Tuscola High School PTA's.

Both Dr. Frank and Dr. Doris were convinced that education determined the life of the adult.  They felt that, in the present work place, education was essential to success. The Haywood Scholarship Trust Fund was established to allow every student access to two years post high school education.

In an effort to offer this education, the Hammetts have continued to contribute additional funds every year and have pledged part of their estate to Haywood Community College Foundation. However, the Foundation awards are not able to fill the need of expanded demand by increasing number of high school graduates. Additional donations by individuals, civic clubs, service organizations and community foundations are needed to address this growing need.

Doris B. Hammett, MD

Donor Profile - Sam and Carolyn Wiggins

Sam and Carolyn Wiggins have established an endowment for the Sam L. and Carolyn P. Wiggins Scholarship at Haywood Community College. Sam was an executive at Dayco Corporation. In addition, he served as director of the College’s Regional High Technology Center for over 10 years beginning in 1986 before the center opened. Sam also served on the HCC board of trustees and the HCC Foundation board of directors.

The scholarship will be awarded to a graduate of Tuscola High School within the last five years of application. Preference will be given to full-time students. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA. The scholarship will be used to cover tuition and fees at HCC.

From early in the College’s history, Sam was instrumental in raising funds for the College. Working closely with then President Joseph Nanney and the board of trustees, Wiggins helped plan the Regional High Technology Center.

“HCC’s Regional High Technology Center was the first of its kind in North Carolina,” Sam explains. “It was known as a training center. There were few like it in the United States. We had some excellent startup people at the center.” 

As director of the center, Sam set the firm foundation for the vision and role the Regional High Technology Center played in the community and region. This vision is still carried out today.

Before becoming director of the center, Sam served on the College’s board of trustees. He moved to Ohio as part of his job for Dayco but upon his return, he served additional time on both the College’s board of trustees and the Foundation board of directors. In addition, Sam served on the North Carolina Community College System’s board.

When Sam and Carolyn found themselves in a position to give back to the community, starting the endowment at HCC made perfect sense. Through this choice, the Wiggins’ will be able to help students for years to come.

“I think community colleges are a great place for students, whether they decide to come for a firm foundation for a career or want to transfer to a four-year school,” Carolyn Wiggins explains. “I just want to help people go through college. This is why I wanted to start this endowment.”

As for Sam, he wanted to support what he believes is a great benefit for Haywood County. “I wanted to start this fund because of what HCC has done for the community. People have dedicated their lives to this place. And I have a real love for this school.”

For more information on the Sam L. and Carolyn P. Wiggins Scholarship or how to support the HCC Foundation, please call 828-627-4544, visit or email

Donor Profile - Phyllis Vance, Haywood County Resident Establishes Two Scholarships at HCC

Haywood Community College now has two new scholarships to aid students thanks to the generosity of county resident Phyllis Vance. Vance established the Hilda Scroggs Vance Scholarship in memory of her mother and the Adele B. Dunn Scholarship in memory of her close family friend.

“My parents realized how important it is for people to get an advanced degree and be able get a better job,” Phyllis Vance says. “They believed getting an education was a way to meet people, have a better outlook, and a better life.”

Phyllis Vance hopes these two scholarships will help with the basic needs for students to be able to get to school.

Hilda Scroggs Vance took Continuing Education craft classes in the early years of HCC’s existence when the classes were held at the Old Patton School in Canton. She enjoyed sewing and handwork, doing everything from crewel embroidery and cross stitch to decoupage and stained glass. According to Phyllis Vance, she not only relished making these things but also loved the fellowship she got from the classes.

Hilda Scroggs Vance used these skills to work with a circle at her church to make things for the children’s home in Black Mountain.

The Adele B. Dunn Scholarship will be used to support nursing students at HCC. Dunn was a native of Nova Scotia, Canada but completed registered nurse training in Massachusetts. She retired from St. Joseph Hospital with 28 years of service. Dunn enjoyed visiting the sick and homebound.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Haywood Community College,” Vance says.

For more information on these scholarships or to donate to the college, please call 627-4544 or email

Donor Profile - Linda Arnold

Johnny’s Memorial Scholarship Established at HCC

As a tribute to her brother, Johnny Painter, Linda Arnold recently established Johnny’s Memorial Scholarship through Haywood Community College’s Foundation. This scholarship will be used for second year nursing students and Certified Nurse Aide students.

Painter passed away after a long illness which left him in a long term care facility for the last 16 years. Arnold was inspired to set up the scholarship because of the excellent care her brother received from nurses and CNAs over the years.

“These men and women were so important to Johnny’s care,” Arnold explains. “I hope this scholarship can make a change in the lives of these students. I hope it can make an impact.”

For more information about this scholarship, the HCC Foundation, or to make a donation, please call 627-4544.