Haywood Community College is committed to delivering excellent technology services. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides computing support to HCC faculty, staff and students. ITS support includes operating and maintaining the components of a campus wide network communications backbone, and networked PCs in classrooms, labs and offices throughout the campus. Notable information technology resources available to you:

  1. Wireless Internet access throughout the campus
  2. High-Speed Internet service
  3. HCC Login, our Login Portal which serves as a one stop shop to all your needs, including your Email, WebAdvisor, and much more.
  4. Moodle, the learning management system for online education

Contacting ITS

For general help, please call 828-565-4009 or email websupport@haywood.edu first. These points of contact will direct you to several of our support staff who are trained to reset passwords, troubleshoot account and access problems, and much more. Please include a description of your issue, your name, telephone number and an alternate email address in the voicemail or email request. DO NOT leave classified information pertaining to your identity such as your social security number or passwords when sending an email.


If you have an issue or task that ITS can help you with, please submit a ticket. The ticket system allows us to categorize your issue or task and assign your ticket to the most appropriate ITS employee for your needs. It also allows you to keep track of our progress and provide feedback. Please submit one ticket per issue.

If you need to quickly contact someone specific, please try contacting him or her over Skype for Business first. Skype allows us to securely communicate with you instantaneously, share your computer screen, transfer files, communicate with you on-the-go, and more. If you are unable to reach them on Skype for Business then try their direct extension.

For all general help or in case of an emergency, please call 828-565-4009 first.  The Help Desk number will ring multiple phones within our department at the same time and is monitored throughout the day.


Information Technology Services

  • George Rolland
    Director of IT/Network Administrator
    Phone number: 627-4547
    Office/building: 3508, Campus Services
  • Karen Lawrence
    Administrative Support Specialist / IT
    Phone number: 565-4026
    Office/building: 3503, Campus Services
  • Jeff Carpenter
    IT Ops Administrator / Proj. Mgr.
    Phone number: 627-4557
    Office/building: 3512, Campus Services
  • Jeff House
    Operating Systems Administrator
    Phone number: 627-4526
    Office/building: 3507, Campus Services
  • Jay Lawrence
    Computer & A/V Technician
    Phone number: 627-4558
    Office/building: 3512, Campus Services
  • Peter Stanley
    Information Systems Administrator
    Phone number: 627-4750
    Office/building: 3506, Campus Services
  • Justin Stocker
    Network / IT Security Technician
    Phone number: 565-4006
    Office/building: 3512, Campus Services
  • Phillip Turner
    Web Administrator
    Phone number: 627-4556
    Office/building: 3503, Campus Services