Wireless technologies are based on the transmission of radio frequencies between a wireless network card on your laptop/device and a Wireless Access Point. Wireless access points are located throughout the buildings on campus.

The HCC wireless network is 802.11a/b/g/n compatible. The most recent wireless technology is wireless n. To maintain a reliable connection to the wireless network you should update your wireless card and/or driver software. To access the latest driver updates view the website for your wireless network card manufacturer or your computer manufacturer. Search the manufacturer's website for key words "nic" "wireless" "802.11n"

You may also search online for updates on Intel wireless network cards and for updates on Dell laptops

Students who need help updating their network card driver software can obtain assistance at the student help desk located in the library. Student workstudy hours can vary, make sure to call the Library at 828-627-4550 for hours of student help desk operation before hand.