Before purchasing any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) with the intention of connecting it to HCC's infrastructure (e.g. wireless network and MS Exchange), please contact ITS.

The HCC ITS Office supports college owned equipment. It is the responsibility of a user to configure and operate personally owned mobile devices. Operations that users should be familiar with in the operation of mobile devices include syncing and backing up the device to a personally owned computer.

When purchasing devices with the express intent of use for college business it is recommended that you work with your service provider customer service to assure that you can configure the device for business function before the purchase is made. Current configuration information needed to setup a device for the use of HCC college email is the following:

Currently, your email should be configured as a Microsoft Exchange or Exchange account. Technology continually changes, and this configuration information will be updated and shared as needed.
Ensure that you have logged into your WebAdvisor account for the first time before attempting to configure your Exchange account. You can find instructions at to help you in setting up your WebAdvisor account.
User/Email Address
Use SSL?
Your  Username
Password used for webadvisor / email account


The iPhone is the mobile computing device recommended by the HCC ITS office.

However, if your preference is an alternative mobile device, please consult the ITS office before you purchase a mobile device for recommendations or overall suggestions. Certain devices may be outdated and may not work with an Exchange email account. If you are unsure or have questions, feel free to contact HCC IT Help Desk at 828-565-4009 or email

When selecting a mobile device for personal use ask the following questions before purchase:

  1. Can I find where to configure email?
  2. Is it easy to setup an email box on this device with the configuration information I have?
  3. If I need to change email accounts will I be able to configure the new account myself or will I need my service provider to deactivate my account?
  4. Can I easily manage my email with this device (open, delete, reply)?
  5. Do the actions on the mobile device sync with my mailbox or carryover to other computers?
  6. Can I easily find where pictures and files are stored on the device?
  7. Can I easily download the pictures and files to my personally owned computer?
  8. Do you know how to download applications (Apps) for this device? Can you find the right Apps for your needs?

Data Protection

It is both State Government and HCC policy that all employees are responsible for the security of our data. When conducting business with the use of mobile devices, please be aware that you are responsible for the safekeeping of mobile devices and assuring that the device is appropriately protected. The following measures should be used to protect mobile devices that are used to conduct state business including your personally owned device:

  • Use a password to protect the device from access by an unknown user.
  • Do not share your password to the device with others
  • Report lost devices immediately to your carrier and/or organization.
  • If available by your carrier assure that you have the remote erase function enable.
  • Review the mobile device security settings to ensure appropriate protection.
  • Only download trusted software and applications to your device.
  • Do not open attachments from untrusted sources.