The HCC Institutional Excellence, Research, and Grants department (IERG) is the college’s resource for information regarding all aspects of the institution. Whether a survey for a class, data for a grant, or guidance with strategic planning, IERG can assist.

Haywood Community College adheres to a model of continuous improvement, and IERG provides data and support to all College departments as they engage in assessment and planning, including services such as:

  • Online survey design, scoring, and reporting
  • Historical data mining
  • Educational research
  • Demographic data mining
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Custom queries and reports
  • Assistance with departmental strategic planning
  • College-wide strategic planning
  • State and federal reporting
  • Student and community focus groups
  • Research reviews
  • Grant support from start to finish

Mission Statement

The Institutional Excellence, Research, and Grants department is responsible for the support of employees who are defining, gathering, analyzing, and using data related to student learning outcomes, college efficiency, and other measures of institutional success and effectiveness. IERG conducts, documents, and reports internal assessments, surveys, and research studies; ensures compliance with state and federal reporting requirements; and facilitates college strategic planning.

Course Evaluations

IERG manages evaluations of college courses. Most courses are evaluated near the beginning and end of each semester. Students can access open evaluations through the Course Evaluations page and will receive evaluation invitations via email to their HCC email accounts.

Data Requests

IERG’s direct email address is Individual department personnel are listed below.

HCC’s President has designated that data requests from non-HCC personnel be sent to the Marketing and Communications department ( or /marketing_and_communications) according to Policy 2.3.10: Public Relations.

HCC personnel requiring data from IERG should put in a ticket using Haywired or by going directly to

Research Requests

Individuals wishing to conduct research using HCC students or personnel should follow the Research Review Procedure. Please see Procedure Research Review Procedure for complete details.

Contact Us

Institutional Excellence, Research, and Grants

Efforts of RIE focus on improving student learning and developmental programs and services through assessment and evaluation consistent with the college mission. Data is shared with college leaders for use in critical decisions and to monitor institutional effectiveness.

It is the department’s goal to:

  • Provide demographic data on students, target populations, and service area
  • Assess student satisfaction with instruction, programs, and services
  • Conduct periodic assessments of college services by students, faculty, and staff
  • Assist with program evaluations performed on a 3-year cycle
  • Provide data on assessments and evaluations to leaders, faculty and staff, and state and federal offices as a basis for improvement
  • Lead campus-wide strategic planning and evaluation efforts
  • Assist with SACSCOC requirements and re-accreditation efforts


  1. Survey and evaluation results distributed
  2. Support provided to faculty and staff in completion of mandated reporting
  3. RIE web site kept current and informative
  4. SACSCOC annual reporting completed accurately and in timely manner