What is IPEDS?

The US Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics operates a data center for U.S. postsecondary educational institutions, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System or IPEDS. Each year, staff at Haywood Community College complete surveys which provide data for this repository. Surveys completed include human resources, college financial, student financial aid, fall enrollment, 12-month enrollment, and others. This data is available freely from the IPEDS website, and is often used by students in researching prospective colleges.


College Navigator

Below is a link for Haywood's data in College Navigator, a tool available for students and other users to compare colleges using IPEDS data:

Executive Peer Tool

A helpful tool for administrators and other executive users is the IPEDS Executive Peer Tool. This tool allows the user to compare colleges based on data elements as selected by the user. These can be downloaded for further analysis or summarized in a Data Feedback Report (DFR), a finished report designed for general audiences.

Data Feedback Report

Each year IPEDS sends an automatically-generated Data Feedback Report to all institutions who participate in IPEDS data collection. Below is the most recent Data Feedback Report for Haywood:
2018 IPEDS Data Feedback Report


Resources for College IPEDS Survey Completers

IPEDS Data Provider Center

IPEDS Prior Year Data Collection

IPEDS Resource Center

IPEDS Listserv

Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Online IPEDS Tutorials