The Performance Measures for Student Success Report is the North Carolina Community College System’s major accountability document. This annual performance report is based on data compiled from the previous year and serves to inform colleges and the public on the performance of our 58 community colleges.

The latest report is available at State and Federal Performance Measures. This report contains information for all colleges in the system. The data for these measures are generated by reports created at the college and submitted to the system office for inclusion in the NCCCS Data Warehouse, a repository of record for college information. The current results for HCC can be found in the table below

Table 1. Performance Measures Trend Data

* Definition changed in 2016
† New measure starting in 2016
# Definition changed in 2019
Performance Measure Description 2019 2018 2017 2016 Excellence
Basic Skills Progress # Percentage of Periods of Participation (PoP) with at least one Measurable Skill Gain (MSG). Y 49.8%             50.6%
2017-2018 Cohort   41.8%             24.2%
Credit English Success †# Percentage of first-time associate degree seeking and transfer pathway students passing a credit-bearing English course with a “C” or better within three years of their first fall term of enrollment. R 58.1% Y 58.6% Y 55.4% Y 57.3% 66.6%
Fall 2016 Cohort   61.0%   58.3%   54.0%   52.6% 40.1%
Credit Math Success †# Percentage of first-time fall associate degree seeking and transfer pathway students passing a credit-bearing Math course with a “C” or better within three years of their first term of enrollment. R 33.6% R 34.1% R 30.3% R 30.3% 46.2%
Fall 2016 Cohort   41.5%   37.0%   44.1%     19.5%
First Year Progression # Percentage of first-time fall credential-seeking students who graduate prior to or enroll in postsecondary education during the subsequent fall term. Y 70.3% Y 68.7% Y 68.3% Y 66.1% 71.9%
Fall 2017 Cohort *   68.2%   66.2%   66.1%   62.1% 56.6%
Curriculum Student Completion Rate # Percentage of first-time fall credential-seeking curriculum students who have graduated, transferred, or are still enrolled during the fourth academic year with 42 successfully completed non-developmental hours. G 53.2% Y 51.3% Y 48.3%     52.7%
Fall 2012 Cohort *   49.3%   46.0%   44.1%     34.1%
Licensure Passing Rate # Weighted index score of first-time test-taker results on licensure and certification exams. Exams included in this measure are state mandated exams which candidates must pass before becoming active practitioners. Weights are based on the tier associated with the related instructional program. R 0.96             1.07
2017-2018 Cohort   0.98             0.79
Transfer Performance *# Among community college Associate Degree completers and those who have completed 30 or more articulated transfer credits who subsequently transfer to a four-year university or college during the fall semester, the percentage who graduate prior to or remain enrolled at any four-year college or university the subsequent fall semester. R 84.2% Y 84.5% R 76.3% Y 84.3% 89.4%
2016-2017 Cohort   85.2%   83.9%   84.0%   83.6% 74.4%