Strategic Planning

Strategic planning processes are a vital part of purusing institutional effectiveness, and are mandated by many accreditation bodies. HCC uses a five-year planning cycle. During the current planning cycle, five goals were identified. These are described below.

Five-Year Strategic Planning Goals

For the 2013-14 through 2017-18 academic years, there are five College Goals that will drive HCC's activities, resource allocation, and priorities. For each goal, a team made up of personnel from throughout the college will set short-term goals and plan strategies that will enable HCC to reach the goal by the 2018 target date.

There are five goal areas and five strategic planning teams, listed below. The full plan can be downloaded with this link.

College Goal 1 - Master Plan

College Goal 2 - Business & Industry

College Goal 3 - Student Success

College Goal 4 - Community & Schools

College Goal 5 - Efficiency