The Division of Instruction provides learning opportunities for all students at Haywood Community College. The Division of Instruction empowers individuals through educational challenges in order to realize their potential to succeed and enrich their communities.

The Division of Instruction purposefully promotes:

  1. Critical thinking, communication & collaboration
  2. Academically rigorous, yet accessible, educational experiences
  3. A supportive, student-centric learning environment
  4. Ethical & Civic minded individuals

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Division of Instruction administratively houses five departments. The three departments of Arts, Sciences, and Natural Resources, Business and Industry, and Health and Human Services provide learners with the opportunity to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate in 23 different programs of study that prepare students for technical careers or college transfer.

The department of College and Career Readiness assists those learners who are working towards a high school equivalency diploma or wish to improve basic skills. Additionally, Learning Support Services (LSS) is housed in the Department of College and Career Readiness. LSS provides services including free tutoring, testing, and a variety of workshops to help students be successful, and reach their instructional goals.

The department of Workforce Continuing Education provides learners with training in public services (Basic Law Enforcement Training, Firefighting, Emergency Services, CNA, etc.), customized industry training, computer training, professional CEUs for a variety of fields, and courses for personal enrichment. The Division of Instruction also houses the Career and College Promise program which allows students to earn college credit (tuition free) while still in high school.



  • Wendy Hines
    Vice President
    Phone number: 565-4069
    Office/building: 233, Freedlander Learning Center
  • Julie Newland
    Department Assistant, Business and Industry
    Phone number: 565-4080
    Office/building: 229, Freedlander Learning Center
  • Kathy Brooks
    Coordinator of Instructional Support
    Phone number: 565-4021
    Office/building: 232, Freedlander Learning Center
  • Rinda Green
    Success Manager
    Phone number: 565-4243
    Office/building: 322, Arts & General Education

Arts, Sciences & Natural Resources

  • Matt Heimburg
    Phone number: 627-4579
    Office/building: 307, Arts & General Education
  • Imogene Rogers
    Department Assistant
    Phone number: 565-4223
    Office/building: 302, Arts & General Education
  • James Jeuck
    Forest Management Instuctor
    Phone number: 627-4566
    Office/building: 3310, Machine Shop

Business & Industry

Advanced Technologies

  • Julie Newland
    Department Assistant, Business and Industry
    Phone number: 565-4080
    Office/building: 229, Freedlander Learning Center

Small Business Center

  • Kathryn M Gould
    Director of Small Business Center
    Phone number: 627-4512
    Office/building: 5105, Freedlander Learning Center

College & Career Readiness

  • Patricia Smith
    Phone number: 627-4618
    Office/building: 379, Arts & General Education
  • Melody Chandler
    Department Assistant
    Phone number: 627-4648
    Office/building: 374, Arts & General Education
  • Shelley Bleyl
    LEIS Assessment & Retention Specialist
    Phone number: 627-4644
    Office/building: 376, Arts & General Education
  • Rachel Clark
    Chief GED, HiSET, WorkKeys Examiner
    Phone number: 627-4700
    Office/building: 378, Arts & General Education

Health & Human Services

  • Vickie S Ansley
    Program Manager, Early Childhood Education
    Phone number: 627-4693
    Office/building: 903, Nursing Education

High School Programs

  • Jan Denton
    Counselor HEC
    Phone number: 565-4000
    Office/building: Haywood Early College
  • Greg McLamb
    Early College Liaison
    Phone number: 565-4226
    Office/building: 415, Haywood Early College

Learning Support Services

  • Kim Carver
    Phone number: 565-4217
    Office/building: 336, Arts & General Education
  • Melanie S. Lewis
    Phone number: 627-4696
    Office/building: 338B, Arts & General Education

Workforce Continuing Education

  • Doug Burchfield
    Phone number: 564-5128
    Office/building: 1555, Student Services
  • Cheryl McClary
    Department Assistant
    Phone number: 627-4669
    Office/building: 1552, Student Services
  • Sandra Sandy Fischer
    Coordinator of Allied Health
    Phone number: 565-4145
    Office/building: 1564, Student Services
  • Denise Thomason
    Coordinator of Continuing Education
    Phone number: 565-4242
    Office/building: 1558, Student Services

Creative Arts

  • Clara Schulte
    Coordinator of Creative Arts
    Phone number: 565-4240
    Office/building: 7104, Creative Arts