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This course is designed to engage students in complex and realistic situations involving the mathematical phenomena of quantity, change and relationship, and uncertainty through project- and activity-based assessment. Emphasis is placed on authentic contexts which will introduce the concepts of numeracy, proportional reasoning, dimensional analysis, rates of growth, personal finance, consumer statistics, practical probabilities, and mathematics for citizenship. Upon completion, students should be able to utilize quantitative information as consumers and to make personal, professional, and civic decisions by decoding, interpreting, using, and communicating quantitative information found in modern media and encountered in everyday life.


Take One Set: Set 1: DMA-010, DMA-020, DMA-030, and DRE-098 Set 2: DMA-010, DMA-020, DMA-030, and ENG-002 Set 3: DMA-010, DMA-020, DMA-030, and BSP-4002 Set 4: DMA-025, and DRE-098 Set 5: DMA-025, and ENG-002 Set 6: DMA-025, and BSP-4002 Set 7: MAT-003 and DRE-098 Set 8: MAT-003 and ENG-002 Set 9: MAT-003 and BSP-4002 Set 10: BSP-4003 and DRE-098 Set 11: BSP-4003 and ENG-002 Set 12: BSP-4003 and BSP-4002
Take MAT-043
Minimum Credits:
2 Lecture and 2 Lab
  • Tina Lee
  • James Winfree


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Lecture Lab M W T Aug 17 - Dec 15 1:00pm - 2:50pm 1:00pm - 2:50pm 1:00pm - 2:50pm 352 352 352 12 / 20
Lecture Lab - Aug 17 - Dec 15 - OL OL 25 / 25
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