• General Microbiology

    BIO-175, Lecture: 2, Lab: 2, Credits: 3
    Fall 2020
    Take One: BIO-110, BIO-111, BIO-163, BIO-165, or BIO-168
    Take 1 group; Group 1: Take 4 credits; From courses BIO-110(S24019) BIO-111(S24020) BIO-163 BIO-165; Group 2: Take 8 credits; From courses BIO-168(S11555) BIO-169(S11629);
    No corequisites.

    This course covers principles of microbiology with emphasis on microorganisms and human disease. Topics include an overview of microbiology and aspects of medical microbiology, identification and control of pathogens, disease transmission, host resistance, and immunity. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of microorganisms and the disease process as well as aseptic and sterile techniques.