• Early Childhood Capstone Practicum

    EDU-284, Lecture: 1, Lab: 9, Credits: 4
    Fall 2018 | Spring 2019
    Take One Set: Set 1: EDU-119, EDU-144, EDU-145, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 2: EDU-119, PSY-244, PSY-245, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 3: EDU-119, EDU-144, PSY-245, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 4: EDU-119, PSY-244, EDU-145, EDU-146, and EDU-151
    Take One: DRE-098, ENG-002, or ENG-111

    This course is designed to allow students to demonstrate acquired skills in a three star (minimum) or NAEYC accredited or equivalent, quality early childhood environment. Emphasis is placed on designing, implementing and evaluating developmentally appropriate activities and environments for all children; supporting/engaging families; and modeling reflective and professional practices based on national and state guidelines. Upon completion, students should be able to apply NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development to demonstrate developmentally appropriate plans/assessments, appropriate guidance techniques and ethical/professional behaviors, including the use of appropriate technology, as indicated by assignments and onsite faculty assessments.