• Forest Management

    FOR-271, Lecture: 2, Lab: 3, Credits: 3
    Spring 2021
    Take All: FOR-225 and FOR-232
    Take 1 group; # Take MAT-060 MAT-070 RED-090 ENG-090; # Take DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040 DMA-050 DRE-098(S23643);
    No corequisites.

    This course is designed as a capstone course for forest management majors to apply skills previously learned. Emphasis is placed on recommendations forest managers make to provide services on forest lands to meet the owners' objectives. Upon completion, students should be able to develop forest management plans for various forest ownerships. This is the capstone course for the Forest Management Technology A.A.S. degree program.