• Habitat Manipulation

    FWL-254, Lecture: 2, Lab: 3, Credits: 3
    Take 1 group; # Take MAT-060 MAT-070 RED-090 ENG-090 FOR-121(S23378) FOR-173 FWL-142 FWL-126 FWL-222; # Take DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040 DMA-050 DRE-098(S23643) FOR-121(S23378) FOR-173 FWL-142 FWL-126 FWL-222;
    Take FWL-252

    This course is a study and application of management practices beneficial to wildlife. Emphasis is placed on methods for increasing food production, developing water sources, increasing cover requirements, and improving wetlands. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of techniques and methods to manipulate wildlife habitats. This is the capstone course for the Fish and Wildlife Technology A.A.S. degree program.