Computer Tech Integration (CTI)

  • Web, Programming, and Database Foundation

    CTI-110, Lecture: 2, Lab: 2, Credits: 3
    Spring 2020
    No prerequisites.No corequisites.

    This course covers the introduction of the tools and resources available to students in programming, mark-up language and services on the Internet. Topics include standard mark-up language Internet services, creating web pages, using search engines, file transfer programs; and database design and creation with DBMS products. Upon completion students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of programming tools, deploy a web-site with mark-up tools, and create a simple database table.

  • Virtualization Concepts

    CTI-140, Lecture: 1, Lab: 4, Credits: 3
    Fall 2019
    No prerequisites.No corequisites.

    This course introduces operating system virtualization. Emphasis is placed on virtualization terminology, virtual machine storage, virtual networking and access control. Upon completion, students should be able to perform tasks related to installation, configuration and management of virtual machines.