Graduates of programs within the Health and Human Services programs serve the community in important roles. Students in The Health and Human Services programs at Haywood Community College receive instruction from faculty that are highly educated and successful within their profession. The industry experience of the faculty allows the students to gain important knowledge of industry trends so that graduates are prepared for the jobs of today. The jobs within the Health and Human Services Division are among the fastest growing in the nation with job opportunities available in our community. Students receive instruction using varied methods including: online learning, creative classroom activities, on-site labs and clinics, and through our extensive network of community partners.

The Health and Human Services Division consists of six programs:

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Jeanne Naber


Faculty & Staff


Health & Human Services

  • Jeanne Naber
    Department Assistant
    Phone number: 565-4035
    Office/building: 909, Nursing Education
  • Vickie S Ansley
    Program Manager, Early Childhood Education
    Phone number: 627-4693
    Office/building: 903, Nursing Education
  • Larry Davis
    Program Manager / Medical Assisting
    Phone number: 627-4658
    Office/building: 905, Nursing Education
  • Dr. Eliza Dean
    Instructor, Early Childhood Education
    Phone number: 565-4042
    Office/building: 919-E, Nursing Education
  • Dr. Christy Hawkins
    Phone number: 627-4652
    Office/building: 910, Nursing Education
  • Lynn Kincaid
    Early Childhood Education Instructor
    Phone number: 565-4194
    Office/building: 919A, Nursing Education
  • Sarah Mathis
    Early Childhood Instructor
    Phone number: 627-4590
    Office/building: 919B, Nursing Education
  • Paige Reece
    Nursing Instructor
    Phone number: 627-4657
    Office/building: 911, Nursing Education
  • Alyson Weimar
    Nursing Instructor
    Phone number: 565-4030
    Office/building: 912, Nursing Education
  • Donna White
    Instructor, Medical Office Administration
    Phone number: 565-4034
    Office/building: 236, Freedlander Learning Center
  • Jodi Wijewickrama
    Program Manager & Instructor, Medical Office Administration
    Phone number: 565-4016
    Office/building: 234, Freedlander Learning Center
  • Chris Wyatt
    Program Manager/Instructor, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Technology
    Phone number: 565-4032
    Office/building: 902, Nursing Education
  • Michael A. Youngwood
    Region A Nursing Program Director, Nursing
    Phone number: 627-4694
    Office/building: 923, Nursing Education