Download PDF of the "Career and College Promise Brochure".

Download PDF of the "Career and College Promise Brochure".

Haywood Early College High School

Haywood Early College High School  is a Cooperative Innovative High School partnership between Haywood County Schools and Haywood Community College.  By legislation, Cooperative Innovative High Schools are designed to partner with an institution of higher education to enable students to obtain concurrently a high school diploma and complete an associate degree program within four or five years.  HEC is designed to blend secondary and post-secondary experiences in innovative ways. All HEC faculty members commit to ensuring every student is actively engaged, challenged, and supported in all classes, every day, to succeed in rigorous coursework. HEC’s ultimate goal is for each student to successfully complete the early college program with his/her high school diploma, AA/AS degree and continue on to a four year university.

Mission Statement

Haywood Early College was developed through a partnership with Haywood County Schools and NC New Schools Project to provide higher education opportunities to students under-represented in colleges and universities. The purpose is to serve as a model for the nation in developing innovative, engaging education as part of a high school reform movement. Through rigor, relevance and relationships, the educational culture will improve the success of high school students and the college-going rate.


  1. Students complete a high school diploma and a two-year transfer degree in five years.
    Innovative learning models developed to engage students.
  2. Improved high school completion rates, college going rates, college completion rates.
  3. Integration of college culture at the high school level.

Homeschooled Students

Home-schooled students are considered for enrollment on the same basis as North Carolina public school students. Documentation must also be provided to show that the home school is registered with the appropriate state agency. An official transcript from the home school must include the following criteria:

  • Name of the home school and address
  • Name of the principal
  • Name of the student
  • Student’s social security number (optional) and birth date
  • Curriculum and courses taken each year with grades and a grade point average
  • Cumulative grade point average for total progress
  • Diploma awarded with graduation date; and
  • Notarized seal and official signature


For more information on enrolling in Career and College Promise as a home-schooled student, please contact Jessica Honeycutt, High School Programs Coordinator, at or (828) 565-4119.


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