Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes really free?

Yes! Qualified high school students can enroll in CCP courses at HCC tuition and fee free.  Students are responsible for the books and materials that are required for their courses.

When can my student enroll in classes?

High-school-aged CCP students can enroll at any time during HCC’s registration periods.

What courses can my student take?

Students can enroll in career technical courses that make up any of the certificates offered at HCC for which they have met the prerequisite requirement.  The courses listed in the college transfer pathways identify the universal general education transfer courses (UGETC) that student can enroll in for credits that will apply to four-year degree programs.

How does college credits count on the high school transcript?

To see the CCP Dual Credit Allowances Chart through NC DPI please click here.

(This chart shows you how HCC courses align with high school credits)

How do I get my student started?

Please contact Jessica Honeycutt at (828) 565-4119 or for information on registration, scheduling, and academic advisement for high school students.

Career and College Promise Parent/Student Manuel

2017-2018 Career and College Promise Parent/Student Manuel



Every student’s educaional records at HCC are protected by FERPA, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. Find out more about FERPA here.   You can download HCC’s FERPA waiver here.