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Admission to this certificate requires that students satisfy the course prerequisite requirements.  Students may satisfy the requirements by successful completion of the Accuplacer exam or completion of the following courses:  DRE-097 and DRE-098.

This curriculum prepares individuals pursuing administrating roles in diverse child care settings to effectively work with children, families, and teachers.  The certificate is composed of learning opportunities in developmental theories, competency and evidence-based professional knowledge, administrative skills, and leadership qualities.

Coursework includes foundations in early childhood education, physical/nutritional needs of young children, safety issues in the care of young children; communication and leadership skills with teachers, families, and children; programming and staffing, budgeting/financial management and marketing, and rules and regulations of early childhood programs.

Employment opportunities include entrepreneurship and/or management of child development and child care programs, preschools, public and private schools, recreational centers, Early Head Start and Head Start programs, and other programs.


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Suggested Schedule for 2021-2022 (Updated Jun 16, 2021)

Certificate in Early Childhood Administration C55850

Fall Semester 1
Course Number Course Title Lecture Lab Clinic Credits
EDU-119 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 4 0 0 4
EDU-131 Child, Family, and Community 3 0 0 3
Total: 7
Spring Semester 1
Course Number Course Title Lecture Lab Clinic Credits
EDU-153 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 0 0 3
EDU-261 Early Childhood Administration I 3 0 0 3
EDU-262 Early Childhood Administration II 3 0 0 3
Total: 9

Total Credit Hours: 16