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An person is holding a clipboard, taking notes, while looking underneath the hood of a sedan vehicle. The person is inspecting the vehicle and taking notes as to condition of the engine area.

NC Auto Safety Inspection

This course covers the operation of a public inspection station and station facilities, inspection rules and procedures (for brakes, lights, horn, steering, wipers, directional signals, tires, mirrors, exhaust system, etc.)  Safety inspectors are responsible for knowing all the information in the NC Safety Inspection Manual.  Initial (new) and Recertification courses are 8 hours.


All courses require two nights from 6PM – 10PM on Tuesday and Thursday in Room 1607. For a copy of the Fall/2020 Schedule click here.

The cost is $75 per course.

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OBD II  Emissions Certification

OBD II certification is required in all current emissions counties. The course is designed to prepare auto technicians and service personnel as OBD emission inspectors for motor vehicles. Course topics include regulations and test inspection procedures required by the NC DMVC for OBD emission inspectors. All technicians are required to take the 8-hour OBD II certification class even if you have been previously certified.

All courses require two nights from 6PM – 10PM on Tuesday and Thursday in Room 1607

The cost is $75 per course.

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