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A woman is tending to a plants, one by one, in a large insulated and covered green house.

A picturesque scene of gardening equipment in front of an old blue painted wall. The tools include a water bucket, rain boots, gardening gloves, ceramic pots, a small hand digging shovel and multiple spring flowers that are ready for planting.

A woman is outside checking the health of the leaves of a large plant within a large outdoor crop.

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Haywood Community College will be offering Horticulture classes starting in September 2020. The program is being offered as a short term workforce development course to provide students with the skills needed to work in the horticulture and landscaping industry. 

The courses that will be offered include:

Soils and Fertilizers HOR-3307-11268                                                      

M 2:15p – 4:15p 

3/1/21 – 6/17/21

Cost: $205

Plant Materials and Landscape Design HOR-3307-11269

M 12:00p – 2:00p

3/1/21 – 6/21/21

Cost: $330

Managing and Operating a Greenhouse HOR-3307-11270

M, W 9:15am – 11:15am

3/1/21 – 7/21/21

Cost: $385