Flier for Wilderness Week 2019

Haywood Community College Wilderness Week April 26 thru May 5, 2019 Haywood Community College will be hosting their third annual Wilderness Week April 26-May 5 2019. The Concept of this program is to provide Fire, EMS, Rescue, and Law Enforcement Personnel with the opportunity to train and receive state certifications relative to the Search and Rescue field. If the class does not carry a state certification, it will count toward continuing education. More information to follow. TR Wilderness NCOFSM Course This class will be a 5 day 72 hour course covering Chapter 16 for Technical Rescuer: Wilderness Rescue. The class will be covering WR Recue Operations, WR Rescue Rigging, WR Navigation and Tracking, and WR Victim Management. The class will be 1 day of classroom and 4 days of outdoor application. The 4 days of outdoor application will include 3 nights at a campground and be prepared to do night operations also. There will be the OFSM test on the day after you return from the woods. Prerequisites: None, but TR Generals is suggested Dates: 4/29-5/04 Search Manager NCEM/DPS Course “Search Manager” is an advanced level Search and Rescue course aimed at those who have the responsibility to plan and prepare for search operations in an emergency environment. This management oriented training will allow participants to learn the basics of how to plan for, organize, and manage a search effort for missing persons. Instruction involves lecture, case histories, and table top simulations. Subjects include overview of national SAR, the role of the SAR manager, SAR resources, developing a SAR plan, planning data/searching data, first notice, planning, investigation, interviewing, search urgency, basic lost subject behavior, search probabilities, search area, search theory, and many others. Prerequisites: ICS 100,200,300,700,800 Dates: 4/26-4/28 TR Water NCOFSM Course This course will be the 48 hour OSFM Class for Water Rescue. It will cover chapter 11 and 12. It will cover Water Rescue Operations, Water Rescue Techniques, Water Rescue Transportation, and Water Rescue Victim Management. The OSFM test will be given on the last day of the class. Prerequisites: None, but TR Generals is suggested Dates: 4/29-5/04 Land Search Field Team Member NCEM/DPS Course This course is a Department of Public Safety class hosted by NC Emergency Management. This Course provides state level credentialing of First Responders to a national standard and meets the requirements for knowledge, skills, and abilities set forth in ASTM F2209 and NIMS Wilderness Search Technician. This course is the foundation for response to a lost or missing person incident including ground search for a missing aircraft. Skills focused on in this course are: Understanding the principles of Search and Rescue, Navigate accurately on land, and Survive in an unexpected wilderness emergency. Other classes needed to be NIMS compliant are: NIMS 100,200,700,800 Blood-borne Pathogens HazMat Awareness CPR/ First Aid Prerequisites: None Dates: 4/26-4/30 Advanced Wilderness Rescue No State Certification Advanced Wilderness Rescue is an intense 4 day, 48 hour course covering advanced wilderness/mountain rope rescue techniques, navigation, patient sustainment and survival/bush craft with 1 day of classroom instruction and 3 days and overnight stays in the field. Skills taught will include: Artificial high directional anchors, twin tension rope systems, advanced rope systems, horizontal rope systems, mechanical advantage, anchors, knots, patient packaging and sustainment, navigation, clue awareness, shelter and fire building, basic survival and bush craft. Prerequisites: TR Wilderness, TR Ropes, LSFTM, MSAR, or other verifiable rope rescue experience Dates: 5/01-5/05 Contact Information Contact: Dee Massey Phone: (828)565-4247 Email: Dmassey@haywood.edu