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What is BLET?

About the Program

BLET stands for Basic Law Enforcement Training. The BLET course is designed to equip each student with the basic skills, knowledge and ability to function as an inexperienced law enforcement officer in the State of North Carolina.  This class is a pre-requisite for Law Enforcement Officer Certification in this State.  The course is composed of blocks of instruction with a state specified minimum number of hours set for each of the blocks. The total numbers of course hours required for this certification are set by the NC Criminal Justice Commission.

​Please view the other requirements for certifcation outside of completing the BLET course by clicking the following link:  NC Criminal Justice Commission Website. 




To learn more about our BLET program please contact:






Fred Clontz


(828) 627-4548

BLET School Director

Upcoming Classes

Course Schedule and Registration

Please click  2020 Fall BLET Course Schedule to download the programs course calendar. Packets for registration are available now and you are interested in taking this course(s) please contact Fred Clontz at 828-565-4548 and set up an appointment.