Learning Support Services offers basic grammar evaluation for student essays and other assignments. Essays are NOT corrected for the student, but grammatical errors will be flagged within the document and identified by error type.

Step 1:
Students drop off essays and assignments for grammar error evaluation.
Step 2:
Students should plan for a 48-hour work week proofing duration after the document has been submitted (i.e. Documents submitted on Friday would have a Tuesday deadline). Evaluation of lesser duration may happen, but is not guaranteed.

Evaluation Process

  • Lab instructor will evaluate and categorize grammatical errors
  • Sentences with errors will be flagged indicating the error type.
  • Lab instructor will sign the proofed document and email the student when proofing is complete and ready for pick-up.  During pick up students can ask questions about types of errors and receive tutoring help.

Drop-off Process

  • At our center, Learning Support staff will print a copy of the document (the original will be given back to the student immediately).
  • Students provide their name and HCC email address.

Online Drop-Off Process

  • The same evaluation process will be followed for online submissions.