Proofreading service, we ask you to do the following.

  1. Contact Margaret Studenc at and let her know of your intentions.
  2. Provide LSS with the assignment start date and due date. This helps us plan for the increased volume of documents.
  3. Have an LSS representative come to your class to obtain applications and to briefly explain the grammar evaluation process to your students (10 minutes).


  • Please encourage your students to make appointments to test. We do accept walk-in testers, but give priority to students who make appointments.
  • Please remember that instructors are responsible for initiating testing of their students with us. This includes completion of the instructor testing form in advance of student testing. A student cannot simply walk in carrying a test.
  • If you would like to send testing forms and tests electronically, we have a process. Just call Melanie Lewis (4696), and she can walk you through the process.


  • Students who receive tutoring must complete tutoring applications. LSS must also obtain instructor referrals for these students. We send the referral requests to you via email.
  • We do not tutor in the subject area of every course; however, we can and do provide study skills assistance that can apply to every course. Therefore, there is the potential for a tutoring referral for almost every course at HCC.
  • LSS provides grammar evaluation services (proofreading). Students must complete tutoring applications for this help,  and we must obtain referrals for this service as well.
  • LSS cannot help with homework. We can help with similar assignments and with concepts. This is dictated by community college system administrative code.