Support for Learning Disabilities

Tutors in Learning Support Services often work with students with learning disabilities.

Many students overcome challenges through building strong study skills and coping strategies. Highly qualified tutors work individually with students on study skills and provide tips for success in college courses in many subjects.

If you have a learning disability, the first thing you need to do is contact Student Wellness.

Within the Student Wellness department, HCC’s disability services offers assistance to students in reaching their academic goals. Receiving one-on-one tutoring in a subject could be a very powerful strategy to succeeding in college.

Also, Learning Support Services provides testing accommodations.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:

•  LSS provides: Snap-and-Read software, private testing, and extended time.

•  Disabilities must be documented, and that information is provided by the instructor to our testing center.


Free Tutoring:

We provide free drop-in tutoring to all students enrolled in HCC courses. There is no appointment needed.


The Steps to Receive Disability Services for Testing Include:

Step 1:   Contact disability services

Step 2:   Contact the instructor

Step 3:   Contact our testing center for an appointment

We recommend all students visit before taking an exam to familiarize themselves with the center.