Time Management

How To Do It?

Time management is one of the hardest elements of college life. Many students rebel against the structure of a day planner. However, if you are juggling several classes, and every hour needs to be productive, it is the best method for productivity. The process is simple: break tasks into smaller pieces and hold yourself accountable to completing work each day.

Here is a good template, as you learn to schedule your time. To begin, you will need a calendar or day planner.

Step 1:  Write a to-do list, and prioritize each item. Break the large and most difficult tasks into smaller tasks.

Step 2:  Write beside each task how long it will take to complete it. Usually one to two hours works well. Remember to overestimate to give plenty of time.

Step 3:  Write the time you will work and the task you will complete into your day planner.


Build a Study Plan

A study plan is created by identifing tasks and placing them in a day planner. This study plan will change constantly. Therefore, always use a pencil, so you can erase.

You will be opening your day planner often throughout the day. Use a paper clip to mark your place. This way you can easily open your planner to the right date. Mark off all completed days and tasks to see your progress. This is a critical step in motivating yourself to complete the next task.

Creating a study plan is very similar to working a puzzle. It is helpful to plan ahead two weeks. The key is to work backwards from the due date to develop your study plan.

Start At the Beginning

The school provides a free calendar to every student at the beginning of each semester.

Create a routine by studying the same subject, in the same place, at the same time each day. This creates a habit, which builds accountability, and helps prevent procrastination.

At the beginning of each semester, use your syllabi to write in all upcoming due dates, and other important dates. This provides the framework to build your big picture strategy for the course, and develop a realistic study plan. This is especially important around mid-terms and finals.

Electronic Calendar Systems

Electronic calendars work well for planning, and there are many apps available. However, it is recommended you start with a paper calendar, and then transfer your information to an electronic system.

Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar work well for setting reminders and planning your time. Learn more about the Microsoft Outlook Email Client that includes Outlook Calendar for HCC email. This can also be synced to your smart phone.