Placement Tests

Haywood Community College conducts Accuplacer college placement testing through Student Services. The test consists of three sections and assesses a student’s achievement level in reading comprehension, sentence skills, and math. The Accuplacer test is not a timed test, and it is administered on a computer.

There is no fee for testing, and the Student Services provides testing on a regular schedule.

Placement Test Preparation


Helpful Links

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a not-for-profit whose goal is to “provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.”  Khan Academy provides thousands of short videos or mini-lectures, along with “step-by-step problems and instant data.”
This site provides free online lessons and learning forums on topics in Pre-Algebra and Algebra.
Assessment Services (Valencia College)
This site contains review guides and sample tests for each section of the Accuplacer. These guides were prepared by English and math faculty at Valencia Community College for their students taking the Accuplacer.
Grammar Bytes
Grammar Bytes is a site somewhat similar to Khan Academy but focused on grammar. It is free and provides tutorials and quizzes.

About the Accuplacer and Links

HCC encourages you to prepare for your placement test. Your scores will determine the courses for which you are eligible to register.

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