What you need to know...

We Provide

an optimum testing environment with

  • Secure and private study carrels
  • Sound-suppressing system
  • Ear plugs upon request
  • White noise through headphones upon request
  • Pencils and paper when needed
  • Computers for electronic testing
  • Security cameras to ensure secure testing

For Whom?

  • HCC students
  • Students from other NC community colleges
  • Testers from other outside institutions and organizations


  • HCC students – Free Testing Services
  • NC community college students – Free Testing Services
  • Students from other outside institutions and organization -$25 per test


for Students with Disabilities
  • LSS provides: Snap-and-Read software, private testing, extended time
  • Disabilities must be documented, and that information is provided by the instructor.

Your Responsibility – Come Prepared

  • Have an ID ready
  • Make an appointment in advance
  • Know your professor’s instructions
  • Know the LSS rules (click on the guidelines highlighted below)

Testing Guidelines and other Rules and Regulations