Drop-in Tutoring Labs

  • LSS offers drop-in tutoring labs in math, writing/grammar (English), science, accounting, topics in Natural Resources, and CIS 110.
  • These labs are manned primarily by lab instructors, although some students may also provide lab assistance.
  • Skills lab schedules are posted on the bulletin board located outside of the LSS.
  • Tutoring labs are located in the LSS Tutoring Room (335A) and operate for most of each semester.

Tutoring Hours

2015 Spring Hours:  Monday - Thursday with no Friday tutoring labs. See our Full Tutor Lab Schedule for more details.

Conduct Policy

Each student using the labs or other resources must adhere to a conduct policy. When a student signs their lab application they are agreeing to the policy's terms. Read our full conduct policy.

Independent Study

Students are welcome to study in groups or independently in our tutoring area. Please be mindful of others. Tutoring will take precedence of space and computers if needed. 

Resources for Checkout

In the learning labs items for checkout include: calculators, headsets, voice recorders, and other items by request.

The Application Process

Each student must complete a tutoring lab application for each class they need help in.  The instructor will refer the student to the lab to complete the application process.  Students will be helped the same day they enter the lab. Lab applicaitons are available in the lab or they can be printed and filled out in advance.

Tutoring Lab Rules and Regulations

  • Students must complete an application for each class they receive help
  • Tutoring labs do not help students with graded assignment, but with ungraded alternative questions
  • Students cannot miss class time to attend tutoring