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DATE: 8-10-1999


George Erwin Patton Horticulture Scholarship Awarded

The George Erwin Patton Horticulture Scholarship Award for 1999-2000 has been awarded to two upcoming Haywood Community College freshmen, Lisa Renee King a graduate of Clyde A Erwin High School, and Roger Murajda, a graduate of Smoky Mountain High School. Both students plan to enter HCC’s Horticulture program fall of 1999. They were selected based on their academic achievements and interest in landscape architecture. The scholarship is for $1,250.00 per academic year and renewable if the student meets all the requirements. Upon completion of the Associate in Horticulture Degree at Haywood Community College, the recipient may be eligible to continue receiving the scholarship if he or she enrolls in the Natural Resources Management Program at Western Carolina University or Landscape Architecture Program at North Carolina State University.

Students who receive scholarships often never have the chance to meet their benefactors and to learn the scholarship’s history. King and Murajda and Patricia Cope, HCC’s Coordinator of Financial Aid, recently visited their benefactor, Dr. Helen Patton, at her home in Patton Valley. The three spent an afternoon touring Dr. Patton’s home and its grounds, which she has established as an environmental study center.

Hoping that her brother’s career would inspire local young people, Dr. Helen Patton, a Macon county resident, established the scholarship in 1998 in memory of her brother George E. Patton. A 1948 graduate of N.C. State University, George Patton utilized his degree in landscape architecture to build an illustrious career that spanned over 36 years. His landscape architecture firm, George Patton, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa., received numerous local, regional and national awards. As part of his legacy, Patton gave his entire archives to The University of Pennsylvania. The collection is catalogued and can be viewed on the internet.

Photo attached: Lisa Renee King and Roger Murajda are shown with Dr. Helen Patton (center) at her home in Patton Valley. The two students are the most recent recipients of the George Erwin Patton Horticulture Scholarship Award established by Dr. Patton in memory of her brother.