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DATE: 10-18-00


HCC Students Win First Place Overall At Woodsmen’s Meet

For the first time in history, students in Haywood Community College’s Natural Resources programs won first place overall at the Forest Festival Day 5th Annual Intercollegiate Woodsmen’s Meet. Over 3,200 people attended the event this year. Forest Festival Day is an annual celebration held at the Cradle of Forestry each fall. This year it was hosted by the U. S. Forest Service, Pisgah National Forest, District ranger Art Rowe, The Cradle of Forestry in America and Haywood Community College Natural Resources Division.

HCC students competed in over 23 events winning many first places. As part of this record-breaking performance HCC students won the Quiz Bowl Contest, a first time ever feat for the college.

According to John Palmer, overall coordinator of the event, several of HCC’s first place times were incredible—the speed chop by Anthony Farmer, 27 seconds; crosscut sawing by Aaron Pirkle and Ryan Bailey, 17 seconds; and pole climbing by B. J. Keener, 6.2 seconds.

HCC students placed in the following events:

Overall Team- 1st,Haywood Community College

Quiz Bowl- 1st, Haywood Community College

Speed Chop- 1st, Anthony Farmer

Dendrology- 1st, Jimmy Lowman & Jason Burke;

2nd, Estes Shell & Andrew Roth

Crosscut Sawing: Females- 1st, Erin Keipper & Jessica DeMayo

Crosscut Sawing:Males- 1st, Aaron Pirkle & Ryan Bailey;

2nd, B.J. Keener & Jason Burke

Crosscut Sawing: Bonnie & Clyde- 2nd, Jessica DeMayo &

Ryan Bailey

Bow Sawing: Males- 1st, Ryan Bailey

Bow Sawing: Females- 1st, Carolyn Cronk

Archery- 1st, Jordan Miller

Pole Climb- 1st, B.J. Keener

2nd, Anthony Thomas

Water Boil_ 1st, Josh Craver

3rd, Rob Townley

Team Pulpwood Toss for Accuracy- 1st, Aaron Pirkle, B.J. Keener,

Erin Keipper, Anthony Thomas, Jimmy Lowman, & Jessica DeMayo

Team Log Roll- 2nd, Carolyn Cronk, Ryan Bailey, Matt Thompson,

& Josh Craver

Pulpwood Toss for Distance- 3rd, Matt Thompson

Ax Throwing: Males- 3rd, Brandon Harden

Orienteering- 2nd, Rob Townley

Chainsawing:Males 3rd, Matt Thompson

Obstacle Course- 3rd, Anthony Farmer, Anthony Thomas, Jason

Burke & Jessica DeMayo

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HCC students who participated in the Forest Festival Day Woodsmen’s Meet included: (Front row, l-r) Jason Burke, Cliff Stiles, Carolyn Cronk, Erin Keipper, Shenan Thompson, Brandon Harden. (Back row, l-r) Coordinator John Palmer, Jimmy Lowman, Aaron Pirkle, Anthony Thomas, B.J. Keener, Matt Thompson, Jessica DeMayo, Josh Craver, Ryan Bailey, Barry Oldham, Anthony Farmer. (Absent from photo) Estes Shell, Andrew Roth, Jordan Miller, Rob Townley, & Melanie Handford