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DATE: 11-3-00


Scholarship Recipients Honored at HCC Luncheon

Several scholarship recipients had a chance to thank their scholarship donors in person at a luncheon held recently at Haywood Community College. The luncheon honored scholarship recipients and donors for the current academic year. Donors of both internal and external scholarships were recognized.

Patty Cope, Coordinator of Financial Aid, welcomed the group. She praised donors and thanked them for their generosity With a quote from Longfellow, "Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think," Cope encouraged donors continued support of the scholarship program.

"It is very important for a scholarship recipient to know who is assisting them and have an opportunity to express their appreciation. This type, of event is often the only opportunity a donor may have to meet the recipient in person. It really helps them see just what a significant difference they are making by providing assistance.

According to Cope, over $62,000 has already been awarded to students. So far, over 120 HCC students have received scholarships for this academic year. These scholarships include awards made by HCC and outside organizations.

Attached photographs:

Shown are scholarship recipients who attended the HCC luncheon.

(l-r) First row: Michael Ransburg, Bethany Grob, Gwen Norris, Brandy Brown, Emily Stanley, Emily Temple, Barbara Henson, Kim Forrest, Cynthia Cornatzer, Gabriele West.

Second row: Jordan Landt , Annette Crouch, Jeremy Young, Marco Gutierrez, Thomas Gibson, Christina Hart, Paula Smith, Daniel Baiera, Travis George. Third row: Roger Murajda, Lisa Heatherly, Krystal Teague, Michelle Ensminger, Melissa Messer, Angie King, Tiffany Pofahl, David King, Rob Jordan, and John Evan.

Shown in photo are some of the donors who attended the luncheon.

(l-r) Front: Joseph Nanney. Second row: Nancy Nanney, Dr. Frank Hammett, Mike McKinney, Leonard Rickards, Terry Warren. Third row: Dr. Doris Bixby Hammett, Sherry Thompson, Jimmy Neyman, Sue Foster, Sarah Q. Brown, Pauline Rickards. Fourth row: Pat Owen, Leilani Longbons, Cindy Owen, Marion Garrett. Back row: Walton Garrett, Susan Sorrells, Charlie Tiller, Carolyn Taylor.